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  Strategic Planning Steps

I finished the discovery process.  Now what?

Once your basic assessments are complete, we create an initial Blueprint based on where you want to go.  Then use Strategic Advisory Services to get more details and uncover the primary risks involved in your goal set.  You can continue with Portfolio, Insurance or Comprehensive Advisory Services anytime.


Strategic Advisory Services gives you the keys to clarity. 

Building upon your initial assessment results, the major risk factors in your ​financial life are identified and managed according to your wishes. If necessary, you can make the necessary changes and re-calibrate your expectations for the future.


Comprehensive Advisory Services gives you total risk management. 

The most complete risk management service offering in the financial industry, Boulevard Comprehensive Advisory Services addresses the total picture of your financial life from a risk standpoint.  This offering combines Strategic Advisory and Portfolio Advisory offerings and deals with all aspects of your Life Cycle™, to arrive at a holistic risk management relationship.

For more information, call (877) 664-BLVD, email or 

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