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Relationship Manager

(833) 234-3373 ext. 1001


Over 25 years in capital markets, managing real estate and securities portfolios

10+ years of experience in second and third-world business development   

5+ years optimizing and protecting working capital and IP for private businesses


Serve as primary relationship manager during plan implementation, directing steps resulting from planning decisions.

Act as a contact point for families after plan implementation, including plan maintenance and best practices.

Provide a connection to existing families with questions about navingating their FIDERE relationship. 


Bachelor of Arts, Bethel University, St Paul, Minnesota, May 1982

Focus of studies:  Theology/Business Economics


Co-managed over 30,000 acres of commercial grain production in Eastern Europe and sub-Saharan Africa

Founded the 128 Foundation: 'Loving Our Neighbor Best'

Former Advisory Board member, Financial Seminary

Paul Larsen is not an advisory representative of Fidere Advisors, LLC.  His role is a support to the planning process.

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