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Portfolio Advisory Services

See the Big Picture with Aggregation.

The FIDERE value proposition is simple – pull together all the pieces of your portfolio puzzle, evaluate them as a whole, and deploy them strategically. When its time to allocate, FIDERE’s exhaustive internal process – 1) Research, 2) Construction and 3) Oversight – delivers the optimal money management team from across 13 global asset classes into your portfolio according to your risk profile.

Use Mean Variance Analysis.

FIDERE measures client allocations using a proprietary Mean Variance Optimization (MVA) formula to optimize your portfolio within and across asset classes. This means you can stay focused on your overall strategy and spend less time worrying about the latest headlines. Take a look anytime - FIDERE gives you daily access to every asset in your plans.  CLICK HERE for a test drive.

Find the Manager, Forget the Vehicle.

Traditional mutual funds offer the largest selection of active management and can be held without excess sales and/or service fees. While Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are popular from a cost standpoint, they offer far fewer tenured active managers. FIDERE portfolio models are invested in traditional open-end mutual funds with major, recognizable money managers.*

Active Managers are Risk Managers.

While it is true that few active money management teams can consistently outperform their relevant benchmark in terms of long-term annualized returns, it is also true that certain management teams can consistently outperform their relevant benchmark in terms of risk-adjusted return. It is those management teams we identify through our portfolio advisory process.

*Active Separate Account Management is available for select clients.

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