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Historical Data Disclosures - All Data and Downloads


This is a hypothetical illustration based upon historical data for current holdings over the time periods shown. Not GIPS compliant.

These data and associated information is not an offer to buy/sell any securities and not a financial planning engagement.  $1MM invested shown net of 1.25% advisory fee billed at .3125% quarterly.  Portfolio income and capital gains reinvested.  Taxes paid out-of-pocket. Semi-annual rebalancing.  Time-weighted model data compiled from Morningstar, Inc.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  It is not possible to invest directly in a benchmark or a model.  

Holdings and results may vary.  All data viewed and/or downloaded is incomplete without complete disclosures. 

Please click below for additional disclosure information related to FIDERE portfolio advisory services and benchmark methodologies.

Portfolio Advisory |  Benchmark Summary  |  Equity Benchmark Summary |  Fixed Income Benchmark Summary



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