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(Left to right): Christopher Gerber, Andrew Lehner, Jim Northam, Krista Berbig, Tracy Myers, 

Aaron Kolkman, Robert Neuman, Chett Carter, Dennis Bakken, Robin Abrahamson, Paul Larsen 

Stewardship Partners for Life 

Life Cycle™ Wealth Management means dealing with all aspects of the planning relationship.

Our big picture thinking involves the analysis, strategy, and implementation of multi-generational estate plans

which consider tax, retirement, insurance and investments as pieces of the overall puzzle.

Seasoned Service Professionals 

Few firms offer access to multiple advisors in the same setting. 

A FIDERE professional comes with an average of 20 years of experience in their area of specialization. 

As a group, their combined experience and education is second-to-none.

Combined Knowledge & Wisdom

We take your planning process very seriously, but don’t expect a stuffy office setting. 

Our entire team is friendly, enjoyable, and have plenty of wisdom in addition to their book smarts. 

So relax, and don’t hesitate to connect with your independent advisory team.  We all work for you.

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