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Q:  Is Fidere Advisors, LLC (dba FIDERE) a fiduciary?


Yes. As FIDERE (“the firm”) delivers advisory services as a financial planning firm organized under the 1940 Investment  Advisors Act, as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) – independent of any broker-dealer, custodian or other financial institution. Further, FIDERE does not affiliate with, or receive revenue- sharing from, any third parties. The firm only represents its clients to the various intermediaries involved with developing, implementing and managing a financial planning process.

For more about advisory firm and professional types, please read the whitepaper “Finding Your Fiduciary” available at:

Q: Is FIDERE a brokerage, or does it employ brokerage professionals?

FIDERE is an independent wealth management firm, not a brokerage. However, the firm handles multiple brokerage relationships on behalf of its clients. Although some of the advisory professionals are former brokers, no advisory or network professional at FIDERE carries a brokerage license. Advice delivery is provided with oversight from a professional carrying advanced financial designations, including CFP® and CFA. This approach to advice also meets SEC and state-level regulatory compliance requirements.

For more about RIA’s as fiduciaries, visit:

Q: Is FIDERE a custodian?

No. FIDERE does not take custody of its clients' assets. The firm relies upon at least one primary, third-party custodian to house client assets, manage operations, and clear trades. FIDERE also relies on its primary custodian to facilitate fee billing from client accounts, so as not to inadvertently become a custodian. While FIDERE may change its primary custodian and may use multiple custodians at once, the following primary custodial relationships are currently in place: Charles Schwab & Co, and SEI Trust Co. 

Q: How is FIDERE unique?

FIDERE is a full-service wealth management firm based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The firm is privately-owned, and faith-based in its approach to financial planning. The firm is also well-known for managing aggregate portfolio risk for investors with Mean Variance Analysis (MVA) techniques and portfolio models originated in 2006. Since 2021, FIDERE has offered comprehensive financial planning based on The Life Cycle of Wealth™ - a life planning framework for client-advisor relationships.

For more about The Life Cycle of Wealth™, please visit

Q: What are the services offered and costs involved?

FIDERE advisory services fall into 5 categories described as follows:


Wealth Maximization

FIDERE adheres to a comprehensive planning process with 2-3 initial meetings over a time period ranging from 2 weeks to 60 days - designed for families with $1.5 Million or above in total net worth and/or $500,000 in investable assets. Deliverables include a completed balance sheet, forward-looking cash flow analysis, and a complete plan document, including tailored advice across 7 key areas: 1) cash flow, 2) taxes, 3) retirement, 4) investments, 5) insurance, 6) estate, and 7) benefits. For more information, connect to Wealth Maximization Services. 


Portfolio Optimization

FIDERE oversees five portfolio strategies for its clients, managed according to investor risk profiles, and on a discretionary basis.  The firm uses Modern Portfolio Theory to measure both diversification and optimization, based on the Capital Asset Pricing Model.  The five strategies seek to fund life goals with reduced volatility, and consistency of performance.  For more information, connect to Portfolio Optimization Services.


Investments are not held by FIDERE. Instead, all investments managed by FIDERE are usually held at the brokerage firm through which transactions are placed. FIDERE does not assure or guarantee the results of its Portfolio Optimization services; thus, losses can occur from following FIDERE’s advice pertaining to any investment or investment approach, including using conservative investment strategies.

Legacy Planning & Wealth Transfer

The legacy planning process at FIDERE will clarify the messages you want to send to your beneficiaries, and cement your wealth transfer plans. It helps you work through answers to essential questions, organize your affairs, and arrive at the details needed to move wealth forward to new generations. For more information, connect to Legacy Planning Services.


Advanced Business Planning

Our business planning offering provides business owners and their families integrated business and personal planning. This holistic estate-driven process uses advanced planning techniques to bring your family value for generations seeks to maximize wealth, manage risk, and leave a legacy.  Business-level planning often includes valuations, qualified retirement plans, executive compensation, key employee retention, and succession planning. For more information, please visit Advanced Business Planning.

Family Office Services

For clients desiring multiple services, including advanced personal and/or business planning, FIDERE will act to meet the ongoing, holistic financial needs of its clients and their entities. Multiple services may include any combination of the firm’s other services: personal financial planning, portfolio advisory, insurance advisory, and business advisory. Family Office Services are designed for families with $10,000,000 or more of balance sheet (net) assets.  For more information, please visit Family Office Services.

Q: Who are FIDERE's client families?

FIDERE clients are most frequently families with complex situations and/or life transitions. Common examples include: job changes, retirement, estate settlements, liquidity events, and other significant financial changes. They recognize certain issues in their planning, and desire to delegate some financial management responsibility to professionals. Each client family and/or business is unique and therefore so is each engagement.

Q: How do I engage FIDERE?  

FIDERE offers prospective clients a no-fee discovery meeting to discuss goals and priorities, and explore service offerings. If an engagement results, financial data is sent securely to FIDERE.  A meeting schedule is then determined based upon the scope of services.  All prospective clients receive a copy FIDERE’s Form ADV and Privacy Policy, and planning assessments at the beginning of the discovery process. If a client/advisor relationship is established, a client agreement is executed.

For more information, please reference the FIDERE Form ADV, which outlines the firm’s registrations and business practices in more detail.

To request an initial meeting, CLICK HERE, call (833) 2-FIDERE (833-234-3373) or email

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