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Independent Trust Services

Estate planning is complex, but your process doesn’t have to be.

The process of transferring wealth to future generations is as challenging as ever, but the decisions involved haven’t changed. 

How will I structure my estate?  Who will the beneficiaries be?  How will the estate settlement be handled? 

Will there be a probate involved?  What about estate taxes?


Boulevard and its partners work for your family during your lifetime and after.

Your wealth is intended to outlive you, so Boulevard works to extend it for generations to come through careful planning,

prudent management, and proper oversight.  Our Comprehensive Advisory Services model is the #1 choice

for Boulevard clients seeking estate planning expertise. 


Your Boulevard relationship provides for an Independent Trustee and/or administrator*.

Fiduciary Partners, Inc. provides independent Trustee and/or Administrative services for Trust clients of Boulevard.

The third-party fiduciary ensures complete objectivity and a seamless wealth transfer process.


*Trust administration offered through Fiduciary Partners, Inc.  Visit for more information.



For more information, call (877) 664-BLVD, email or 

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